Cash Flow

The Failure of Your Business?

Many a strong business has failed not through a lack of sales but through a lack of cash flow. It may seem strange but often being almost too successful can bring about the failure of your business through over-trading. Time and time again we speak to clients who complain that they never have enough cash in the bank and find that they are having to slow pay people or make compromising decisions which make them feel uncomfortable.

A Solution

Improving cash flow isn’t always as simple as an injection of cash, as many other factors have to be considered. However, we are confident that a solution can be found in most circumstances. The fact that your bank may have turned you down already doesn’t mean that the problem can’t be solved.

Funding Solutions

In the rare circumstances where we can’t solve the problem directly ourselves we can look to utilise our contacts who can introduce more bespoke types of funding solutions. These include commercial mortgages, bridging finance, venture capital, asset finance, factoring, invoice discounting and other types of peer to peer funding.

What’s Included

  • Improve your profit
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Improve your business administration
  • Free up valuable resources
  • Grow your business

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