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Welcome to SPM. We are a specialist payroll and back office administration provider working extensively within the Logistics, Warehouse and Recruitment sectors. We also support accountants and bookkeepers with outsourced payroll solutions.

We provide payroll solutions for clients who run large payroll systems or employ lots of people. We like to take away the pain involved in running these systems and make sure we get it right for both the employee and the employer. Running payroll can be quite complicated and where tight deadlines are involved mistakes can happen. This is where we come in.

How many times have you heard:
“My pay is always wrong and I am fed up”?

All of the clients we work for have suffered this comment from staff at some point and they are as keen as you to get it right first time, but there can be many reasons why they struggle. This is where we get involved by taking over those systems, delivering your pay on time and making sure your pay is correct. That’s what everybody wants when they work hard.

What We Do

We provide a variety of services for our clients ranging from basic payslip production right through to a fully managed service. We can run your pay, produce your payslips, account for your HMRC deductions and even physically pay you.

Each week or month, depending on pay period, we receive information from your place of work that details your pay rate, hours worked, overtime and bonuses etc. We quickly process that information and return it back to your place of work where it is checked and signed off. Once we receive the signed off sheet we process your pay and ensure your payslip is emailed to you or sent to your place of work. We always issue your payslips at the time pay is processed. This often means that your pay hits your bank account at the same time as your payslip arrives by email.

Bank Details

When we bring you onto payroll in the beginning you will submit new starter details, which include your bank details. Once these have been set we will only ever pay that nominated bank account, so if you change your account you must tell us directly so that we can immediately update your records. We only make payments direct to UK bank accounts by Faster Payments; we don’t pay in cash and we don’t issue cheques. If you don’t hold a UK bank account then we cannot process your pay.

When Do I Get Paid ?

Your payment date is always agreed with your employer at the start of your contract and will typically be the last Friday of the month (please check with your employer). In certain cases where we are responsible for your payment as well as your payslip, we will endeavour to pay on the day before your agreed pay date. Normally your pay will hit your account in the morning anytime between 1.00am and 10.00am. For our larger Logistics clients we pay between 1.00am and 6.00am on the day before their contractual pay date.

How Much Will I Get Paid ?

Clients have different pay cycles. Some pay one week in arrears, some pay one month in arrears. Some have cut-off points during the month and they pay up to that cut-off point, with anything after that falling into next month’s pay. Our advice is to always keep a record of your hours worked.

We will always pay you for the hours authorised at the rate authorised by the client. That way any discrepancies can be dealt with quickly. If your place of work uses any kind of clocking in and clocking out system please be sure of the payment on hours policy, as this is where a lot of confusion can occur. If the policy is that you are responsible for making sure you clock in and out properly, then we can only process pay as per the clocking in system.

Holiday Pay / Time Off

We will show clearly on your payslip any holidays taken during the work period as well as any other authorised deductions. Your holiday is accrued during your time with your employer and is calculated as a percentage of hours/weeks worked according to the government guidelines of 5.6 weeks including statutory holidays for a full time employee. For a part time worker holiday entitlement is calculated on a pro rata basis. A day’s holiday should be equal in pay to a normal working day and these are then deducted from your accrued holiday in the tax year. Please check your individual employment contract for any variations such as rolled over holiday allowances, holiday accrued at non-standard rates etc.

Clocking In Systems

Some clients who utilise clocking in systems will deduct your breaks from the hours attended (which is correct). We will show any breaks deducted on your payslips so you can check these for yourself, but please remember that you only get paid for the hours worked, not the hours you attended work – hence the deduction of breaks. If you are absent without consent then it is normal practice not to pay you for that time off and again this will be clearly shown on your payslip.

Sick Pay / Absences

Please check with your employer as to what the policy is on sick pay and unauthorised absences. Normally most clients will only allow Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) so please make yourself aware of their policy. That way you avoid any surprises.

Expenses Claims

Some clients run expenses schemes in which they outsource to a third party provider which looks after all employment aspects for them. In certain circumstances they may provide an expenses recovery scheme and you may be asked to opt in if you wish to take part. These schemes are more common in the Transport and Recruitment sectors. In essence they allow you to recover reasonable expenses for carrying out your work. They typically comprise of meals allowances, travel and associated specialised expenses such as tools or uniform. Your provider will tell exactly what you are entitled to and, importantly, what you are not entitled to. Typically travel by car is offset at 45p per mile to and from your main place of work only, and lunch allowances are between £5 and £10 per day depending on hours worked. You must not agree to claim if you know that you have submitted false information such as the true mileage you travel each day or the method by which you travel.

These schemes are there to help improve your take home pay and aren’t there to be abused by anyone.

Termination / P45 Policy

If you leave your job, whether voluntarily or not, we will issue a final payslip and P45. It is very difficult to alter this once it has been issued so please keep track of your own hours worked, holidays accrued and holidays taken. That way if you have a query it can be dealt with quickly. We automatically pay any holiday or bonuses that are agreed by your employer. These are included in your final pay and will show on your payslip along with your P45.

You will need to provide your P45 to your new employer as quickly as possible to make sure all your taxation is correct in your new employment.

What’s Included

  • Fast payments
  • Easy-to-read payslips
  • Free payslip app
  • Auto enrolment
  • Payday loans

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