Fully Managed

How to Save Costs

For clients in the Recruitment or Logistics sectors we offer a fully managed service where we will take full responsibility for every aspect of your Human Resources solution. We will generally agree upfront the cost savings we will make for you throughout the year and at the same time we will look to immediately improve your cash flow cycle. Savings are typically anywhere between £25k and £100K per annum. This frees you completely to focus on what you do best, which is growing your business.

Making Life Simple

We will integrate our systems with your current operating procedures and, where possible, streamline things in such a way as to improve business efficiency. We have a dedicated portal where clients can load information relating to new starters and leavers, pay adjustments, overtime etc. This cuts out the need for endless emails and makes sure nothing is missed. Each week or month – depending on pay cycles – we will invoice you the agreed figure on 30 days’ terms, which immediately takes the pressure off you to find your wages bill. Not only that; we can fulfill all your recruitment requirements and where necessary take over the employment of your existing workforce adhering to all TUPE conditions. In a fully managed service, all staff working conditions remain the same but we become responsible for them. This solution tends to suit larger organisations looking for efficiency improvements and striving to improve their bottom line performance.

Payroll Made Simple

We have a free app that advises your temps/contractors that they have been paid, provides their payslip, and at the same time allows them to print off all past payslips. We liaise directly with them if required and deal with all work-related queries such as holiday pay, pay rates, deductions etc.

All of this is designed to take the pressure off your temp desk, allowing your staff to do what they do best – service your clients and win new business.

We guarantee we can improve your profit and protect your margins, giving you all the benefits of an umbrella payroll solution without the added burden of finding the extra cash needed to fund that payroll.

What’s Included

  • Grow your business
  • Free your cash flow
  • Increase your profit line
  • Save costs
  • Add back value

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