We are a facilities management company and we specialise in the Logistics and Distribution sectors.

We know all too well how much your margin is constantly under pressure and this, combined with cash flow cycles, means you have a constant battle on your hands. If it’s not one thing it’s another; as you increase your deliveries/sales your costs go up and your cash flow gets worse. More and more bureaucracy/legislation means more and more paperwork and more and more man hours which is expensive and painful. Fuel is a big expense but so is labour, and getting your invoices out of the door quickly doesn’t mean money in the bank. If you are expanding then you will have already experienced that feeling of lack of cash in the business.

Improve Your Cash Flow

We have the expertise and experience to deliver significant cost savings, improve your operating profit and increase your cash flow. Typically we would expect to add £25K – £100K to your bottom line over a full 12-month period and at the same time create a significant cash flow boost.

We can look after all your labour force, run your payroll and HR systems, physically pay your staff weekly or monthly, and defer the cost of payroll for 30/40 days, giving you an injection of cash where you most need it. We can look after all your back office administration if required. This can extend to sales ledger, credit control and even debt funding.

Self Employed Owner Drivers

A lot of Logistics companies employ owner drivers and we are very familiar with these arrangements. We can still deliver significant cost savings to both you and them, creating a win-win situation.

We currently have two offices in Leicestershire and Merseyside, covering the East Midlands and North West, with a third office planned for 2017 in the South.

What’s Included

  • Easy to manage
  • Reduced tax
  • Improved operating margin
  • Cash injection
  • Owner drivers

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