We have offices in the East Midlands and North West of the country and we can service all types of Recruitment companies.

Whether you supply staff as an agency, subcontract through the use of an umbrella payroll company or have a combination of temps and perms, you still have to work on tight margins to strict deadlines and fund your cash flow requirements. As your temps out numbers go up, the demand on your cash increases dramatically, and very often failure can come from rapid success. Sales are one thing, cash flow and margin another, and wearing two hats – FD and MD – is always difficult to say the least.

In order to protect margin a lot of agencies have chosen to use umbrella payroll companies who have the ability to improve margins. However, this approach can also cause cash flow issues because you have to pay that provider the full grossed up payroll cost plus the VAT.

If you factor your invoices or use a CID facility it’s yet another cost you have to factor in and very often you get to the year end and discover your net profit is far less than you thought it would be despite great sales income.

We can deliver a cost-effective solution which will provide you with all the benefits you need but without the additional costs.

Combined Invoice and Payroll System

We can work as an extension of your temp desk and take the pressure off your business. Not only can we raise your invoices for you and upload them to your chosen funder, but alongside this we can also run your payroll. This includes producing all the payslips, making all the HMRC submissions and running the Bacs payments every week.

Unlike other providers, we can even offer you credit terms on your payroll value. This means that you can send your temps/contractors out to work, get them paid weekly and have up to 30 days’ grace before you have to pay us. If your weekly payroll value is, say, £20K, you will effectively gain almost £80k into your business in the first month alone…

Payroll Made Simple

In addition to the above we make it simpler for your workers as well.

We have a free app that advises your temps/contractors that they have been paid, provides their payslip, and at the same time allows them to print off all past payslips. We liaise directly with them if required and deal with all work-related queries such as holiday pay, pay rates, deductions etc.

All of this is designed to take the pressure off your temp desk, allowing your staff to do what they do best – service your clients and win new business.

We guarantee we can improve your profit and protect your margins, giving you all the benefits of an umbrella payroll solution without the added burden of finding the extra cash needed to fund that payroll.

What’s Included

  • Increased margins
  • Invoice upload systems
  • Payroll management
  • Payroll funding
  • Umbrella payroll

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